Unique qualitative techniques

Our cutting-edge qualitative methods, tools, and expertise are sought after by university faculty, local and state government programs, marketing firms, schools, private industry, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations. Limetree Research specializes in using projective techniques to help uncover participants’ true thoughts and emotions. During qualitative research, we ask participants to react to questions that have no obvious answer and vague materials, including photographs and drawings. We also ask them to complete sentences and describe and draw different situations. Doing so allows them to project their subconscious and unconscious feelings and ideas and provides rich information and hidden aspects of their truth and beliefs surrounding the discussion topic. This information helps create emotion-based messages and materials that move people to action.

qualitative research platforms

Be our guest! Use our unique online qualitative research platforms.

We offer a full service platform to host online video-based focus groups, online chat-based focus groups, asynchronous bulletin board focus groups, video-based ethnographic research, in-depth interviews, and online panel research. 


We will expertly guide you in the design and implementation of your qualitative research project. We offer a menu of options that we will customize to your project. Only need an online hosting platform? We've got you covered. Need help with protocol design? We can help with that, too! We are highly skilled focus group moderators who frequently conduct our own focus groups and would be honored to moderate for you.

Concept Testing

We use state-of-the-art tools to gather feedback from your target audience on video, print materials, photos, text, and more.

We will invite your target audience to use simple tools to offer their feedback and opinions on your materials. Once they mark up the materials to show what they like/dislike/suggest changing, they will be prompted to provide a comment explaining their mark up.

Limetree Research will provide unique reports that visually illustrate the feedback from your target audience using heat maps, word frequencies, and/or video highlight reels.


Asynchronous Bulletin Board Focus Groups

Insert flexibility into your research

This asynchronous qualitative method allows participants to log in to a mobile app and respond to questions asked by the moderator at their convenience, 24/7. You choose the length of the group. We offer clients customizable  options to run their group(s) for a few days, several weeks, a few months, or any other time period of their choosing. Some clients choose to run an ongoing monthly board with a panel of participants, while other clients utilize the more common 3 to 5 day solution.  

Our clients are able to moderate their groups at their convenience, 24/7, using a mobile app. In case you are worried about response bias, please note that only after answering each question will participants be able to see the responses of other participants. This ensures that the answers provided are uninfluenced by the opinions of others in the group.

One very exciting feature of this method is the ability to record your questions and follow-up probing using video. Likewise, your participants will have the option (or requirement, if you so choose) to provide video responses to your questions and the ongoing conversations they have with other participants. Clients will receive all transcripts and video highlight reels, which are fabulous in presentations! 


Online Video-Based Focus Groups

Reduce research expenses and geographic barriers 

Limetree Research offers full service online video-based focus groups. You can choose from a menu of options, including the length of the group, whether or not you want to moderate, and if you want to invite colleagues and/or clients into a "backroom" to watch live without being seen by participants.

You will have the ability to share your screen and any visual stimuli to the group live. In addition, we offer live technical support for participants as well as chat functionality. Clients can privately chat with colleagues and/or clients in the "backroom" who may want them to probe on certain aspects of the discussion. They can also chat with participants individually and as a group when needed. 

Our online focus groups help researchers reduce geographic limitations when recruiting participants and save costs on facility rental and travel to multiple locations.

Let us show you how easy this makes your life as a researcher!

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