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Dr. Karissa Horton and Dr. Jennifer Loyo met during their graduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin. While working together as graduate students on research projects for the Texas WIC program, they decided to capitalize on their entrepreneurial spirit and dedicate their professional work to doing everything in their power to advance the health and wellbeing of women, infants, and children and create equitable healthcare and health outcomes for all. In 2011, they founded Limetree Research, a dynamic, woman and minority-owned public health research and evaluation consulting firm, based in Austin, Texas. Drs. Horton and Loyo are dedicated to improving lives through innovative translational research, evaluation, training, and strategic planning.


We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to enjoy a healthy life. We believe that your demographic characteristics and the zip code in which you live should not limit your aspirations for a healthy life and the availability of high-quality healthcare. Through our research, we give voice to those who aren't normally asked their opinion and we work to help the organizations and institutions that serve them understand how to best meet their needs with understanding, respect, and dignity. From development, implementation, and evaluation of culturally relevant health-related materials, services, and trainings, to national and state-wide program and policy changes, we work with a diverse range of clients to improve the delivery of health-related services to all, but especially the most vulnerable among us.


We are research and evaluation professionals who LOVE what we do. We have extensive expertise and involvement with the development, implementation, analysis, and evaluation of small and large-scale quantitative and qualitative research projects at the national, state, and local level. We are known for using cutting-edge research methods and techniques to determine the underlying factors and emotions that impact behavior change.  

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