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It’s 10pm and you’re standing in the baby formula aisle trying to pick the best baby formula for your precious bundle of joy. We see you standing there reading labels, comparing brands, and calculating costs to feed your baby the name brand versus the store brand. We know you’re left wondering which of the seemingly zillion choices is best for your baby. With so many unfamiliar terms on the product labels, how are you to know which formula is best for your baby?


We have done the research for you and compiled all of the latest information available to help you select the best formula for your baby.


The information in this eBook does not cover prescription formulas made for infants with special conditions such as those born prematurely or those diagnosed with metabolic disease. For more information about these specialized formulas, please consult a healthcare provider. This eBook discusses baby formulas available to you in US stores. It is designed to help you quickly find the information you’re most interested in so feel free to jump ahead. 


Congratulations on taking the time to learn about the options available to feed your baby during this amazing first year of life!

The Baby Formula Guide

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • This is a downloadable, 51 page PDF document.

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